About us

We are specialists within damage-claims services!

Working together with your insurance company, we have developed the ‘Cirkulär skadereglering’ system of circular damage cover. We take in all faulty goods subject to insurance claims in order to verify the damage to the product as well as ensuring that it is reused, by means of reconditioning, repair and onward selling. Cirkulär skadereglering enables GIAB to increase the efficiency of, simplify and guide both insurance companies and policy-holders throughout different claims processes, with a focus on sustainability and environmental concerns.

Our services represent a concrete element of our customers’ sustainability work, while also enabling them to save both time and money. One important aspect of GIAB’s services is the provision of advice. We help organisations to increase the efficiency of their processes and to implement the circular economy.

GIAB’s business concept is to convert that which is currently regarded as waste into an economically valuable resource in accordance with the principles of what is known as the circular economy. The circular economy means that we must build production processes in accordance with a cycle of production which – exactly like the natural cycle – produces no waste. You can find out more about the circular economy under the ‘Sustainability’ menu.

The products received come primarily from the insurance industry, but also from the logistics and e-commerce sectors.

GIAB works in close collaboration with Lund University and is involved within a number of different research programmes, including Mistra REES, Re:Source and the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute’s programme for circular business models for mobile telephones.

GIAB has its head office in Staffanstorp. This provides the base for our sustainability consultants and management, our sales via the Returhuset store, our workshop engineers and repairers, as well as the whole of our customer service team