Certain insurance companies use GIAB’s ‘IT-cirkeln™’ service. What this means for you as a policy-holder is that, instead of receiving a compensation payment, you send your damaged computer to GIAB, who will repair it and then return the functioning computer back to you. This process represents a better and more cost-effective service, while also providing a more environmentally-friendly alternative to simply throwing the computer away as waste.

At GIAB, we receive products from all over the country on a daily basis. When an item arrives at GIAB, it is registered on our IT system with a unique ID number and is then sent to the workshop, where work will begin immediately to clean and repair it. Within ten days, your computer will have been returned to you, complete with a three-month warranty!

Certified data-deletion

We are protective of your security. All electronic products that may contain data are deleted using certified data-deletion software. In the event that it is not possible to delete a hard drive or piece of memory hardware, these are destroyed using a technique that prevents the possibility of the data being reproduced. Regardless of whether your product is to be repaired or recycled, we at GIAB delete the data contained in all the devices that we handle.


GIAB has expert knowledge of liquid damage

Previously, the chances of being able to repair a computer that had sustained liquid damage were extremely small. Both insurance companies and their customers have become used to the idea that, if a computer sustains liquid damage, it has to be thrown away and policy-holders will receive a compensation payment in order to buy a new computer. But this is no longer the case. GIAB possesses the necessary skills and equipment to be able to completely clean and repair the device. Our employees have extensive experience of treating liquid damage, and we also have equipment that enables us to thoroughly clean all the tiny components of the device.