Warranty Terms and Conditions


From the date on which the Customer collects the Replacement Device or repaired device from their parcel delivery agent, a warranty period comes into effect. Depending on the supplier, the warranty period for Replacement Devices varies between twelve (12) months and three (3) months. For repaired devices, repaired parts are covered by a warranty period of three (3) months. The length of the warranty period is specified in the warranty note that is sent together with the Replacement Device or repaired device.


The warranty is only valid for Godsinlösen. The warranty means that Godsinlösen is responsible for any deterioration (with consideration to the limitations listed below) that occurs within twelve (12) or three (3) months respectively from the date on which the Customer collected their Replacement Device or repaired device.

The warranty does not cover (among other things):

(a) Consumable parts, such as batteries or protective coatings, which are designed to lose effect with the passing of time, unless a fault has arisen due to defective materials or execution.

(b) Cosmetic damage, including (but not limited to) scratches, dents and damaged plastic at sockets.
(c) Damage caused by use together with another product that is not recommended.

(d) Damage caused by accident, misuse, incorrect usage, contact with liquid, fire or natural disaster or by another external cause.
(e) Faults caused by normal wear and tear, or due to the natural ageing of the device.

(f) If any serial number on the Replacement Device has been removed or distorted.
(g) Damage caused during service (including upgrades and development) performed by anyone who is not a representative of the manufacturer.

(h) Damage caused by use of the Replacement Device in a way that is not prescribed in the published guidelines for the Replacement Device.
(i) A Replacement Device that has been modified in order to change the functionality or capacity without the written permission of the manufacturer.

Transport when invoking the warranty:

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Replacement Device or repaired device does not sustain any damage when being transported to Godsinlösen for a warranty-related matter. It is, therefore, important that the Customer uses adequate packaging for the device when it is to be transported to Godsinlösen.

Delivery terms and conditions for warranty-related matters:

Once it has been established that the fault with the Replacement Device or the repaired device is covered by the warranty, Godsinlösen shall send a new Replacement Device to the Customer within five (5) working days.